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To help Natalystic go from concept to reality, we created its business model, brand strategy and identity. Which also resulted in the creation of its online platform: a website and a dedicated mobile app


Strategy, Branding, Prints & Web development





Natalystic business cards mockup.png

The crucial focus of this project was to marry the two line of business of the brand (personal coaching and holistic services) and transmit that through the brand identity. 

Which we did through the logo as well as the color palette. We created a clear brand strategy and website to help Natalystic win more customers and satisfy its current ones.


To further increase brand awareness in an industry that is highly based on the physical appearance, we added merchandise to our strategy to boost revenue and awareness all at once.

Natalystic canva tote bag mockup.png
Natalystic mug mockup.png

Website Design

Creating a platform onto which customers could directly access the brand services was essential and was a turning point in the scaling of the brand's business model.

Screenshot 2022-12-23 at 14.52.36.png
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