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Cindy Lee

Project Manager


00 41 76 370 32 20



I Specialize in Brand Development,Graphic Design
and Web Creation

I've always been passionate about creation and finding ways to tell stories in an engaging manner. For me, a vision is nothing until you manage to translate it into action. But it took me a few years to find the best way for me to express my creativity and put all my skills in action. I come from a Business Management and Entrepreneurial background, which is the field I chose to do my studies in. As time went by, I had the chance to work for various organisations that all required me to bring my creativity and problem solving skills to the table. This is when I realised I had a thing for Brand Development. So, I tried my best to bring my passion and outside of the box thinking to every project I worked on and decided it was time for me to start doing things on my own. That way I could help even more people to share their stories and propel their business vision to the next level.

And next thing you know, Lee's Agency was born!

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