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We created the branding for a CBD brand looking to expand their business by tackling online sales. The customer was looking for a clean and modern look and feel.


Print, Digital & Web





purity brand identity.png

The first challenge was capturing the essence of the brand and coming up with the right name and visual identity to share the healthy and relaxing nature of the brand.

We then suggested working on a recognisable packaging and visual identity across all products. Which is what you can see above.

Screenshot 2023-01-09 at 12.55.49.png


To helps the brand awareness we suggested creating a website to make the products available to the customers with just one click. We focused on creating a minimalist and healthy feel to put the brand and the products in their best light.



We worked on a color palette to adapt to the variety of CBD flavours available. And made sure to perpetuate the same branding throughout the packagings.

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